Whitechapel created Runnymede to be a self-contained cultivation resource; the intention is to buy/lease property which is fully licensed to grow cannabis. Also, the opportunity to be the only farm to grow Queen Garnet Plum trees in the US is very exciting. The commercial strategy is for Whitechapel/Runnymede to become a vertically integrated provider controlling every stage from planting to the end user; the economy of scale is expected to be significant. The expansion goals of the company in 2019 will include:

  • Purchase/lease or joint venture a licensed property.
  • Consulting with property owner to manage the grow for a 50/50 split of revenue after expenses.
  • Construction of greenhouses if property is suitable. Ensuring that each greenhouse is capable of at least 2 harvests per year.
  • Consulting contract will include installation of a watering and nutritional drip system
  • Planting of indoor and outdoor plants
  • RD&E for horticultural and agricultural advancements to grow the best cannabis and maintain the quality of the raw materials to be used in the laughing Frogs family of products.

Whitechapel has been part of developing an extraordinary opportunity in Oregon, the project is in its very early stages but promises to to be very exciting and will give Runnymede a flagship property to show as a business model Another benefit will be increased access to specific strains of Hemp that can be used in the Laughing Frogs products as well as a whole new customer base.