Whitechapel created Runnymede to be a self-contained cultivation resource; the intention is to Joint Venture on property which is fully licensed to grow hemp/cannabis. Also, the opportunity to be the only farm to grow Queen Garnet Plum trees in the US is very exciting. The commercial strategy is for Whitechapel/Runnymede to become a vertically integrated provider controlling every stage from planting to the end user; the economy of scale is expected to be significant. The expansion goals of the company in 2019 will include:

Purchase/lease or joint venture a licensed property.
•Construction of multiple greenhouses with each greenhouse capable of 3 harvests per year
•Installation of a watering and nutritional drip system
•Cultivation of indoor and outdoor plants
•RD&E for horticultural and agricultural advancements to grow the best hemp/cannabis and maintain the quality of the raw materials to be used in the Laughing Frogs family of products.